Disharmony – Gods Made Of Flesh


Finally, one of the most qualitative and remarkable bands of the Greek scene returns with a new album, although the frequency of their releases does not reflect the years they have been active. It’s only their third full-length since 1996 when they were founded (or fourth, if you count the lengthy demo “When Purity Withers” from 1999).

Disharmony have as their main influence the mighty Nevermore, something that can be heard both in the music and in the way the awesome Christos Kounelis sings, who can do whatever he likes with his voice. Here, I think they’re mostly building on the sound of 2009’s “Shades Of Insanity” (re-released in 2014) but also leaning towards that of 2017’s “The Abyss Noir” which was quite different, doomier and darker.

So, their Nevermore-esque nature returns, combining heavy, thrash, doom and prog elements in their own masterful way. The result lasts for almost an hour and personally it didn’t tire me for a minute, on the contrary it kept me interested until it was over. The reason? “Gods Made Of Flesh” has variety and flows in such a way that the listener will always find something different from one song to another.

For example, the shorter tracks “Nogard” and “Trigger Of Pleasure” stand out for their speed, thrashy and in-your-face approach. On the contrary, “Cruel And Bitter” and “Under The Waves” (with the use of violin) have a doomier character. While the longest in duration “The Cry Of The Gods”, “Of Flesh” and “L.I.F.E.” (with the latter having a narration from a quote by Greek legendary writer Nikos Kazantzakis) are more into their prog mentality, with changes in rhythm and at times breaks with acoustic guitars.

In general, in “Gods Made Of Flesh” Disharmony seems like they are reintroduced to us. A well-balanced and well-structured record, with all the elements of their music harmoniously tied together. On top of that, you can add the very good production that brings out the final result. It’s definitely the best work they’ve presented to us so far and I hope there will be a similar sequel, no matter how many years it takes. There should not be discounts in quality. Great job!