PRESS RELEASE: We have some sad and happy news to announce today. Fragiskos, Herc and Kostas are not members of the band anymore. They all played an important part in Diviner during the past years and in the creation of “Realms of Time” which we are very thankful for. But this change was necessary to happen for both Diviner and themselves and we want to wish them all the best for the future!
The good news is that we are happy and excited to present three great and talented players into the band, so please welcome Teo Ross (guitar), Lefteris Moros (drums) and Giorgos Boulmanos (bass)!
We feel stronger than ever and Diviner will continue in full speed! We can’t wait to hit stages in Greece and around Europe in support of our new album “Realms of Time”. We will play our first show with the new lineup this Friday in Arta, Greece and more shows will be announced soon.
Thanks for your amazing support everyone!