It’s always very nice to witness the evolution of a band over the years, especially when you notice them from their beginning. Domination from Athens started back in 2011 when still very young at age and one year after they released their debut EP “Realms Of Crisis”. In less than a year after that, the second EP “The Sacred Matrix” was ready (and included the first one). They didn’t waste much time and in 2015 their first full-length “Infants Of Thrash” was out.

It’s been a long way since the devastating thrash attack of the first releases. This year mark the rebirth of the band. Relocation to UK, new logo, the addition of Inc. to their name (it was necessary, there are many bands with the same name) and a new start in general with “Memoir 414” that finds them more mature and concentrated on what they want to do. Of course, their music is still thrash metal to its core, but they have incorporated more elements to enrich their sound.

These are, in my opinion, influences from bands like Pantera (mostly), Machine Head and Lamb Of God when it comes to groovy parts and certain riffs. For example, listen to the groovy and melodic “Day VIII Deus’ Ignorance” that lasts almost ten minutes, to the guitar harmonics of “Dark City” or the monstrous groove of “The Eye”. There are also classic thrash dynamites like the opener “Cutting Edge”, the amazing “The Sickening”, the awesome “Dehumanized” and “Culling”. On top of that, a very interesting cover on “Love Me Forever” from Motörhead.

The album was produced in Devasoundz Studios by Fotis Benardo who gave a massive sound in the compositions. Furthermore, the amazing cover is a work of Vagelis Petikas (Revolver Design). Domination Inc. are making a notable return, showing that the high hopes we had from them were justified. I hope that their relocation abroad will help them to make their name bigger.