Eat Metal Records celebrated its resurrection by organizing a very special live event. The beloved Domine from Italy supported by two exceptional local bands, Sacral Rage and Wrathblade.

This explosive trio combined with a very cheap ticket, filled Kyttaro Live Stage right from the beginning. Having witnessed plenty of gigs by all three bands in the past, I knew I couldn’t expect something shorter than an explosive evening and I proved absolutely right.

The up and coming Sacral Rage kicked off. This band is of international caliber. I dare to say that there hasn’t been a similar act since the time of the mighty Deceptor. With confidence and comfort on stage, they pose as an example for all newcomers out there. The songs of the debut LP already sound as classics and I really hope there won’t be long till they hit us with a second one.


Modest epic metallers Wrathblade up next and a personal favorite of mine. With their unique ground leveling sound they delivered old and newer songs plus 4 brand new and never heard before ones not far from their usual style. A steady metal value but with the minimum of attention and recognition mainly because of their special and unique musical character. The new album won’t see the light soon enough though but patience is a common feature among Wrathblade fans. But then again, patience is a virtue…


It is obvious that we could have a better preparation before Domine. 18 years after the release of Champion Eternal and the band storms the stage like not even a day had passed since then. Morby’s voice is a true wonder, powerful, crystal clear and flawless. The rest of the band in great shape, tight as concrete and with a fantastic sound. The dreamy setlist was based on the two first albums (with only one tune taken from the third one). The response of the crowd was ground shaking. I don’t think that there was a single person that didn’t sing along, headbang or applaud this magnificent band.  I would attend a Domine concert even if it was each and every Saturday. This is exactly the meaning of heavy metal!

Kostas Kounadinis

Photos taken from the bands’ Facebook pages