Let yourself grow around me you’ll find yourself inside me… There’s music beyond the stadiums, the sponsors and paid reviews. It’s the music that comes from the heart and happens in a small venue (with great sound) and the audience within reach with the musicians that are there to share with us a small part of their soul…

A white sound like a picture is flashing before my eyes

A white sound like a picture is flashing before my eyes
When I’ve heard DOPE OF GODS for the first time on april 2018 when they were the opening act for In The Woods at Kyttaro Club and I was impressed. One year later we had the pleasure to see them again, this time with a full set of their own that went beyond any expectation and personally it reminded me a lot the good vibes of a Will O The Wisp concert at An Club many years ago (which was for a few lucky ones like this one).

Everything’s moving fast I’m marching out of the past

The band is criminally underrated but –oh my- they are great. Their playing was excellent with Chris (guitar, main composer and leader of the band) taking us on a trip back to the 1970s via psychedelic rock that at times is easily accessible (the way big bands of that era used to do it) but at other they become avant-garde or more dark and aggressive.

The compositions are nicely hugs by Natalia (vocals, keys) that reached some nice high notes when her voice got warm. Areti (drums) was impressively stable keeping the timing for the band while adding some nice driving passages and finally Sotiris (bass) had a nice warm sound and although the newest member he seems to get along well with them already.

There was no interruption in between the songs, only a few words while they were staring at the floor (such a low profile band they are) while the audience warmly clapped for them.

Oh baby it’s cryin’ time

Their setlist was based on their recent album “Modeling Soul” so they started off with some tracks from there but it was a nice surprise to listen to some new tracks that maintained the same vibes with the old stuff, so now, we are eager for their forthcoming album. The ending was ideal, they did a cover of “Four Sticks”, paying a tribute to their big love, Led Zeppelin. Big smiles on our faces and our heart got filled with warmth…

® report/photos: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos