Doro/Warlock – Triumph And Agony Live


It is more than certain that if you ask 10 die-hard fans of Doro to tell you which is the best album of her entire career all of them will agree unanimously that this would be Warlock’s swan song, the legendary “Triumph and Agony”. After all, this is the album that includes some of her biggest hits and most definitely her most emblematic cover sleeve…ever! In the wake of the 35th (almost) anniversary of “Triumph and Agony”, Nuclear Blast releases the show that the German Metal Queen gave in Sweden Rock back in 2017 (at the time, for the 30th anniversary).

In her 45-minute set, Doro plays the entire album in front of a big and highly enthusiastic crowd that does not stop supporting her throughout the duration of the show but especially upon listening the classic hits “Fur Immer”, “I Rule The Ruins”, “Metal Tango” and of course “All We Are”. As always Doro is giving 101% on stage! She never stops smiling and interacting with the crowd while she is backed up with seasoned musicians (as a matter of fact, a couple of them are with her for many, many years). Needless to say that it’s essential to check out the DVD of this performance for a better and more complete perspective of this release. Last but certainly not least, for all the trivia freaks out there, the songs are not performed in the order of the studio album’s tracklist so as to fit better in a concert environment and to have “All We Are” as the undisputed closing number.

“Triumph and Agony Live” is yet another remarkable release by Doro that will surely bring memories to the old school metal fans…

Highlight: As it happens with almost all the Nuclear Blast releases, the album comes in various formats with the boxed edition being the most impressive one.