Double Treat – Wander Thirst


Chris Kissadjekian and his long time friend and colleague, in What’s the Buzz, Sotiris Lagonikas release their first album under the name Double Treat. Sotiris takes charge in most instruments, playing the drums, guitars, keyboards and singing lead and backing vocals. Chris completes the band with his base guitar and singing lead vocals in one song.

The album moves in heavy paths with lots of blues, funk and prog touches. “Never Too Late” marks the beginning of the album and shows that the band has worked with great care and appetite. The production might be clear and modern but it skillfully delivers the nostalgic 70’s vibe of the tracks.

The drums in “Till the End” bring up the tempo with a great funk beat and in “Who Says” the prog-ier elements become apparent, with rhythm changes and one of the greatest guitar solos of the album.

The songs have a mid-tempo rhythm and the album reaches the 50 minute mark (51 along with the “hidden track”) something that makes it even more easily listenable. The guitar playing of Sotiris  is really exceptional and the guest guitarists (Theodore Hydreos, Alex Flouros and Dennis Kostopoulos) add some unique elements to the songs. The riffs are at times groovy, at other times bluesy and at other times technical.

Lyrically the songs vary from songs dealing with the economic crisis to songs talking about heartbreak. Special citation must be made for two songs that are poems set to music. The self-titled “Wander Thirst” is a poem from a famous English Gerald Gould and the song “Guardian Hesperus” is a free adaptation of a self-titled poem of Odysseas Elytis.

The song closes with a “hidden track”, which is a cover of a well known song that shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons. Generally the debut of Double Treat has nothing to be jealous of any new release of the year. Clear straightforward hard sound played really well and with great appetite. I don’t know if the band will continue or if there is a chance for a concert but I really wish it.