Down N’Outz – This Is How We Roll


I am quite certain that most of youu out there are familar with the Down N’ Outz name but IA m also of the opinion that you haven’t given them a chance. That’s not bad or blamable…not in the very least. After all, even the majority of the Def Leppard fans haven’t given the proper attention to this Joe Elliott-fronted project. Personally, I really like to track down the musical roots of all my heroes and I may not have been brought up in the rainy northern part of England in the 70s so as to fully appreciate the glam rock movement of that era but every single music fan respects the likes of T’ Rex, Bowie, Gary Glitter, Mott The Hoople etc.

Down N’ Outz, after a couple of records with cover versions from Ian Hunter’s various spin-off projects, has decided that it was the right time for an album with original material (plus a rendition The Tubes’ c;assic “White Punks On Dope”). All the songs were penned by Elliott and they have absolutely nothing to do stylistically with Leppard as they are more or less based on piano…just imagine something in between Elton John and Queen of the 70s. The guys and the girl in the band -The Quireboys with Share Ross from Vixen- are absolutely flawless and “This Is How We Roll” sets off an aura of an analogic recording that really misses from the modern flat albums. The overall rock n’ roll attitude of the title track really suits Down N’ Outz and I truly believe that this should be the blueprint for all the upcoming Down N’ Outz albums.

All in all, I beleive that this third studio album by Down N’ Outz is not only for the Leppard afficionados but all the fans of the 70s rock sound as it was perfectly exhibited in England.

Highlight: Keith Weir on the piano is doing an amazing work…