We RUN! Faster, faster! It’s been like four years since the “Ultra Beatdown” album, they have been writing and composing for the past two years, yet their speed remains their trademark! First two album tracks, “Holding on” and “Fallen world” are faster than sound, maybe even more! Crazy speeding and a heck of a massive roughness… Congrats are in order for Mr. Dave Mackintosh, drummer of the band, for being able to play all that stuff. However, apart from the frenzy and those 666 miles per minute, the band can surely be proud of their totally melodic compositions. Due to the fact that speed, in this motif, is pointing to Power Metal and because of the fact that Helloween or Running Wild in the shredder do not sound as the next best thing, the lads run like hell, yet they are really cautious in order to avoid that mixer thing. The new singer is a GREat help to all that. First album with the band for Marc Hudson and boy does he sound dynamic! He also possesses a fantastic voice color, he’s solid and really gifted.

Luckily, first video of the album, “Cry thunder”, is a bit more mid tempo (well… not really, it’s just not that fast), the fact that the song is in 6/8 is another help, soundwise. It sounds like in-between Manowar, Running Wild and Thin Lizzy (!) and it features a brilliant melody. What’s next? Ehm… speed, I guess? The band is leaving the ground, the boys are playing like a million bucks and backing vocals are terrific as well! I do appreciate the fact they decided to remain outside all that pacman metal thing. FX are good, however they’re not the essence. “Wings of Liberty” is a regular killer! Amazing chorus; I think that certain Teutons should listen to it… It’s a Hammerfall situation at its best. Wait, wait a bit! “Seasons” has entered and I think I like it even more… Metal, staccato, fab bridge and a bunch of riffing Kai would adore… Aaaaand… Yep, you guessed right, some Maidenish on the side. We love it!
Before I go… for vinyl and digital form friends, there are three extras to make things nicer… Should we do some more running? You bet! Fight to the end, we will die by the sword!