Just before starting to write my review on this one, I took a look at my words referring to their “The Power Within” album, released in 2012. “We RUN! Faster, faster”! Well… Do I need to write more? Basically I do, however you boyz and galz know that this specific band can play amazing melodies and have a drummer outspeeding Usain Bolt – quite easily I might add!

The tremendously awesomic drummer bearing the name Dave Mackintosh is no longer with DragonForce. Mr. Gee Anzalone has replaced him and you are very welcome to watch him participating in “The Game” video clip, however, all drum tracks have been recorded by Mack. This is the second album for singer Marc Hudson and I must say the more I listen to him the more I like his voice. The band did excellent in choosing him to step in for ZP; speaking of vocals, those backing vox are simply incredible. We are talking about inspiring vocals. As for the vox on “Symphony Of The Night”, these are simply breathtaking! And then it’s time for the twin guitar solos… It’s a dream, brother, it’s pure heaven…
Yet, since we are reviewing DragonForce, I do realize there are two things which might puzzle you a bit. Speed and additional FX. Fortunately, the band has left its pacman Metal years behind. There are some effects over their songs, however they’ve got nothing to do with the previous mess… These peeps are fantastic players, no reason they shouldn’t advertise it; without any bleeps and fleeps though… What drives you bananas about DragonForce is their unique technique and the way they serve us with their melodies. Keyboards are huge, they sound grand and really heavy.
There are some guests on the album, Matt Heafy from Trivium amongst them. You are going to discover some cute stuff on the record… This is their first with an “outside” producer, the first album with no contribution by Li, composing-wise. You are gonna love it! As for their cover on “Ring Of Fire” (originally by Johnny Cash)… There is no way to believe it’s not one of their own!