Dragonsclaw – Judgement Day

We have warned you about Dragonsclaw…we have specifically stated that you should most definitely pay a close attention to them due to the sheer fact that their debut album “Prophecy” was nothing less than brilliant! Actually, the German and Greek metallers had the chance to witness the band’s singer Giles Lavery on stage with Warlord and we have been really impressed with his voice. So, we have been eagerly awaiting for Dragonsclaw’s sophomore effort.

“Judgement Day” depicts Dragonsclaw under a new label and with a slight rejuvenated mood as the band chooses this time to include some more progressive elements that blend wonderfully with the power metal sound. In addition, Ben Thomas’ guitars are once again melodic yet sharp and aggressive (at moments) and personally I believe that they come out even better this time as the productions is far better than “Prophecy”.

The presence of David Reece (ex-Accept, Bangalore Choir) as a guest vocalist on the first single “Watching My Every Move” should be noted while songs like “Battle Cry” and the title track” reaffirm our initial assessment: Dragonsclaw is here to stay and continue to deliver the goods! As for the icing on the cake, well the excellent rendition of “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Warlord should not pass unnoticed!

Highlight: I love the band’s mascot on the cover of the two records but especially on the cover of the single…it kind of reminded me of the scenery and sinister atmosphere of Iron Maiden’s Eddie on “Women in Uniform”.