DrawCard – Modern Rivalry

I didn’t have a clue about the boys from Down Under, till I came across this very album. No biggie, as there must be a gazillion bands out there that I don’t know Diddly about… Checked their myspace page and found out that the album was out in 2009, on the other hand I saw that it was released sometime in October 2010. Apparently the band had released the album on their own, to find the label later and re-release it under the label…
Accelerating, more speed, some more speed… Nu Metal psycho-synthesis and crazy American vox and attitude. Yeah, I know, some “specialists” would call all that as Post grunge and Avant Punk and… Yeah, right, let’s move on…
It’s a classic case of a band one would watch on TV, soundtracking some teenage sitcom. Sharp guitars and rough voice with lots of attitude! No fuzz, no screams… Only a fine voice-color and tons of passion. Liking it! The boys have a lot of nerve, orchestrations are VERY tights. For instance, listen to “Radio” and you’ll understand what I mean. In Australia as well as in the States, the band has made it happen and some of their songs can be heard in quite a few TV shows there.
Well, Europe is a bit different than their homeland or the US, yet we tend to appreciate good music. And, trust me on that, their music is GOOD. This is a debut worth buying and listening to.