Dream Evil – Six


Swedish band “Dream Evil” are particularly loved to the Greek audience, because Gus G has gone through their ranks and because they have also covered Paparizou (this is truly unreal) but mainly because of their good albums. After 7 years of hiatus dealing with things other than music, dream evil comes back fresh and strong with their sixth album just entitled “six”. Dream evil for those who do not know them plays dynamic heavy metal and their singer Niklas Isfeldt’s has a very melodic and characteristic voice. Although the album starts disappointingly with the “dream evil” track, the sequel is very dynamic. Tracks such as “antidote” and “sin city” are powerful and heavy and velocity is falling with the “creature of the night”. The next songs “hellride”, “six hundred and 66” and of course “too loud” are also very powerful. Eventually this abstinence period made them better and “six” is a very good and quality album with modern sound, very good compositions and sounds very fresh. Sweden has been giving us quality bands and music over the past few years, and the album “Six” of Dream Evil confirms it. It is highly recommended.