The debut album by the Italian outfit bears some positive elements. The most striking one is the fact that the guys had written some really solid compositions. Apart from the sensational choruses and the heavy riffs (the two basic elements of a metal song), Dream of Illusion possess the knack of embodying in the song structures great melodies thus making you wanna listen to “Decadence” over and over again…a quite successful achievement for a debut record.
On a rather negative note, we must emphasize on Francesco Valentini’s weak vocals, despite his excellent timbre. Maybe, this has to do with the fact that Dream of Illusion had initially written their songs having in their mind a female singer. But, the truth is that the guy is still young (21 years old) and he has every potential to work on his voice and evolve. Another point that I want to underline has to do with the fast, guitar-driven songs where you get the impression that they are all the same, more or less. It gets tiring after a while…
Generally, “Decadence” is a really positive effort but the band has to work a lot for the sophomore effort…after all, they have the ability to deliver something far superior than this –I repeat, really good- album.
Dimitris Kazantzis  

Legnago is located somewhere in Italy, close to Verona. Yet, any sort of scenario combinations with certain Montagues and Capulets here is rather out of the climate… So, we skip and go to the musical part. Surely you have read about that stuff, it’s only logical not to be impressed by such statements and such!

However, you will definitely be impressed by the songs these boys from that specific area have to offer. After the intro… “The Crow” and meeting with the band. Exceptional musicians all of them, music which directly points to good Metal. Galloping rhythm, staccato playing, some Power Metal outbirsting and riffing that could easily belong to a Metal monster, the likes of Iron Maiden and Megadeth… Cool and fine voice, into the sound, cool choruses and amazing solos! They know when to run, when to slow down, when to sound huge!
“One last chance” is barbaric, its basic riff is marching like an Olympus god; some progressive elements here and there, even some brutal vox (yep, we would live without them as well). And then… enters panic, answering the name “End of the world”… Heck of an intro and pounding surrounds. Master guitar work!
Best of luck to the boys! No, I don’t have a clue whey they put that “Interlude” in the album, yet it doesn’t matter, cuz “Hysteria”, which follows, rules BIG time…
 Costas Koulis