A few days ago, through the Death Valley Knights review, I mentioned the rebirth of the classic metal sound on the British islands and the revival of the scene. Now Dream Troll from Leeds comes to strengthen my argument. Another brand new band from England added to this ever growing movement. The interesting part, which one will notice from the very first listen, is that although the band serves the classic and nostalgic 80s metal sound it also shows great variety and incorporates melodic rock forms as well as power metal elements. They reminded me of the path that Icarus Witch followed mainly on their early releases. The spectrum of their influences appears so wide that in the end they remind me of nothing particular at all. That fact alone is enough to free the listener from the burden of comparisons and allow him to dive effortlessly into the unique world that Dream Troll has created. Tales of myth and fantasy presented with a mesmerizing style that begs for consequent spins that will unravel all the treasures that the Knight of Rebellion has to offer.