What stands out mostly in the new Drive She Said album is the melodic element. This is their first release after many years of absence and after the “Real Life” album. This is a band that was always joining forces with very important musicians from the melodic scene, such as Tony Bruno, Bob and Bruce Kulick, Benny Mardones, Fiona and more. Α1 Fritsch and Mark Mangold are the talented minds behind the creation of the new album, which is more commercial oriented than any other album so far.

The AOR feeling plus the influence from the Journey era overpowers in most of the songs but there are some other tracks that they are totally unexpected from a melodic hard rock band. The electric pop element appears in many parts of the songs and that makes some of them more radio friendly than any other AOR melodic song of the last year.
Songs like “In The Nyte” makes it clear that Drive She Said aim to belong also to the pop dance sound.

Their partnership for this album is once again really interesting. Some of the musicians that take part in the “Pedal To The Metal” album are Τοmmy Denander & Daniel Palmqvist guitars,Κen Sadlin, Paul St.James and Alessandro Del Vecchio bass,Pontus Engborg,Peter Yttergren, Francesco Jovino and Kenny Aronoff drums. Also you can listen to Goran Edman, Chandler Mogel, Ted Poley, Kevin Osborne, Randy Jackson, James Jackson, Thomas Vikstrom and Peppy Castro to the backing vocals.

In the amazing duet “In Your Arms”, just before the end of the album, you can listen to the well-known and missed FIONA from the 80s.

“Pedal To The Metal” is a summery and delightful release of 2016, which I recommend to every Arena Rock and Pop Rock fan!!