“What kind of a band is Driver?”, one might wonder…personally –almost subconsciously- came in my mind that 80s outfit that Eric Singer used to play drums with and had released just a single, average album. But, luckily for all of us, this wasn’t the case. Coincidentally, though, the band Driver that has released “Countdown” is not a new or an up and coming band. As a matter of fact, they had released a 5-song cassette EP in 1990, they disappeared, they reconvened, they had recorded a record in 2008 and now they are back with a brand new album. That’s more or less a brief version of Driver’s musical course. But, I have forgotten to mention probably the most important fact about this band: the one and only Rob Rock handles the vocals while the brilliant Roy Z is the lead guitarist of Driver!

I was pleasantly surprised by “Countdown” because it is a truly good album with remarkable compositions, flawless musicianship and impressive guitar parts. The whole mood of the record points to the immortal 80s and especially the song “Thief in the Night” gives you chills down your spine as it is together with “Destiny” and “Always On My Mind” the absolute standout moments of “Countdown” (all three of them were initially part of the aforementioned 1990 tape). I strongly believe that all the fans of the melodic metal sound will found on “Countdown” many familiar elements that will make them go out there and buy the album.

Highlight: The cover sleeve transfers you right into the sonic climate of “Countdown”…