Drought are a band formed in 2001 with the intention to attack the rock scene of Texas. Now, they are back with their new album, “Untapped” to prove that they have a good chance of attracting fans not only in America but also in Europe!

Collaborating with producers that made an impact in the sleaze scene, as well as bigger acts such as Aerosmith, Buckcherry and Ace Frehley, give us tracks that touch upon their own unique genre, based on the sound of sleaze and grunge bands!

To get an idea of the band’s philosophy, as well as the way they have married new hard rock to a grunge attitude, you should listen to some stand out  songs like: “The One” , “Born of Stone”, “Anymore” , “Pick And Pen”.

There are some moments when their sound can also bring Nickelback’s mainstream period to mind (for instance, the song “Look At me”). In fact, their influences appear to be of such a variety, that any direct borrowings from others sound like they are producing a whole new and unique result.

It’s been a while since I last noticed such a beautiful change to a new band’s sound. If they work on their promotion, the future is full of hope for Drought. Don’t ignore them if you are into new sounds!