Drunk Motherfuckers – Dead End


We may not have long roads like the American highways and there are no huge never-ending empty lands where body and soul may get lost but for some strange reason desert rock seems to attract the Greek rock listeners and musicians. Drunk Mothefuckers seem to get out of the ice after almost a decade, it was back in 2013 when they released their debut “And Alcohol For All” when I saw them live on stage as the opening act for Horisont (who by the way were drinking so much like they were paying a tribute to the small Greek band!). Anyway, the things is that out of nowhere Drunk Motherfuckers are back and they just released a great four track EP. At first, I thought this will be the kick off for something new but -as Father W. recently told me in an interview- this will be their swan song since they just didn’t want to leave these tracks unrecorded (that the band used to play them live anyway).

“Flying high every night, when I was searching a life far away from this lie…”

The EP was recorded in 2021 and has been released by FYC Records on a nice digipak cd (but also on tape) with a superb cover (made by Thomas Kefalas) that shows the band members driving a truck to an unknown direction in space but behind them the real driver is a demon that laughs maliciously. I think this cover will be highly appreciated on a vinyl cover but let’s not whine though.

“Heading somewhere to find all the peace had in mind, but I never desired…”

Getting more into the music of the album it’s not hard to notice Andrew’s dirty guitar riffing that takes us back to the 90s alternative rock tunes (think of the non-hit tracks of Soundgarden covered by the sludge dirt of Down in slightly faster tempo and most times they bring a catchy groove) while the vocals of Father W seem ideal for the genre and the truth is if it wasn’t the gritty voice or even better if you could read between the lines of the lyrics (all of them written by Father W.) then you would realize that they don’t just focus on booze/let’s get out and have fun, yes, it seems the band wants to point out the inner cry that tends to scream, sometimes with anger, sometimes with grievance. Rhythm section by Wee (bass) and Mavrikos Skarakis (drums) keep the music on a steady path and after the end you realize it’s not a dead end, you can always listen again and again because filthy rock n roll is always moving…