It’s been less than 6 years since the last time our favourite Dying Fetus came to Greece. So there was absolutely no way that we would miss a romantic night of pure death metal somewhere near our home.

The fans around the club were enough at about 20:30 when the gig was about to start. Unfortunately, due to one small delay the doors opened in that time. The eagerness was high and the “competition” for the most cult death metal t-shirt was on. Just before 21:00 everything was ready when Progress Of Inhumanity entered the stage. In their debut album “Escalating Decay” we find 21 songs with total running time of 27 minutes. So it’s very easy to understand that they tortured our ears with blasting Grindcore. They played many songs of course in their little stage time. When they finished the set, they earned a warm applause by the fans.


Next in line, a band with an awesome name: In Utero Cannibalism. Alex on drums is a veteran of the scene with many extreme bands on his resume. They had just released their 4th album titled “Butcher While Others Obey” and waited long enough to play a gig after their last time which was 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the sound was terrible during their set. They also played an excellent cover of “Once Upon The Cross” by Deicide. I hope to see them again soon and with a better sound, because it’s a pity to listen to brutal death metal without all its might.

The waiting was over. Dying Fetus were on stage for the final soundcheck. The lights went off and the party had just begun. Fetus is an amazing live band. It’s really awesome that just 3 people can produce a sound so devastating. It feels like a bulldozer coming your way. With John Gallagher on guitars and guttural vocals, Sean Beasley playing his bass guitar like an expert and screaming his guts out and of course Tray Williams torturing his drum kit like a maniac. The fans of course were going berserk. Headbanging, moshing, stagediving, everything that we love in a death metal gig. Every song that we heard that night was amazing. Both the newest ones like “Homicidal Retribution”, “Your Treachery Will Die With You”, “From Womb To Waste”, “Second Skin” and the oldest ones like “Justifiable Homicide”, “Pissing In The Mainstream”, “Grotesque Impalement”. Everything was amazing and we wished the night not to end. Unfortunately, at some point they announced that their last song would be “Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses)” with the fans giving every last strength they had in them.

In conclusion, an excellent gig by Dying Fetus. I only with that I will not have to wait 6 more years to see them again.

George Terzakis

Photos from the band’s official Facebook page.