Vicky Psarakis is a Greek/American composer and lyricist. She has created a certain concept about life today, our life today… Concept also refers to the world as we currently experience it and many more in terms of situations and interactions. Words and melodies were floating inside her brain and her encounter with Elias Nousis made those thoughts become a reality. It’s songs and music now. Elias, apart from co-creating and composing, also plays the guitar, keyboards, bass and saxophone on the album! Guitarists Tasos Asonitis (Wings In Motion) and Konstantinos Stavrou participate as well, whilst we’re in for a big surprise regarding the man behind the drum kit. Huge druMaster George Kollias (Nile, solo and numerous album features) is responsible for the beating art in this EP.

Fresh squeezed music, featuring Rock forms and different styles mixes; even Jazz, even Pop… Vicky’s voice is solid and powerful, brings out the soprano at times; her voice color is interesting as well, reminded me of Simone Simons a bit. Especially when she sings high. Songs are three and four minutes long, with the exception of the last one – maybe the best one of the set – entitled “You could”, which is flirting with seven min… Full gear and crystal spots, interesting riffing, fabulous backing vox and intermissions driving us all the way to Rush and Genesis…

Vicky, through this musical vehicle, will also release a full album and, to tell you the truth, I can’t wait to listen to the songs to come. Assuming they resemble this motif, we will be talking about a thunderous new album and a splendid new artist.