Edenbridge – Dynamind


The Austrian symphonic metallers reached the 10-album mark and maybe it’s high time for them to sit down and think over what they have achieved so far, after 20 years in the forefront. Those 10 records are surely fine –some better than the others- but it seems like Edenbridge are stuck within the close confinement of the symphonic metal genre. In addition, they don’t possess the quality level of let’s say Epica so as to make a difference. Take also into consideration the fact that Edenbridge is not such an active touring outfit (thus leaving the promo activities to social media) and you get the picture.

“Dynamind” is a little better than its predecessor, “The Great Momentum”, which was released a couple of years ago. Yes, it’s an overall enjoyable listening session and the songs are just fine. However, I can’t find anything new or a trace of evolution that will take Edenbridge to the next level. Maybe, the 12-minute song “The Last of his Kind” is a worthy contender for the highlight of the album and it might be really intereseting to pay a closer attention but that’s as far as we can go. Maybe, that’s as far as Edenbridge can go and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as the Austrian outfit has managed to create a loyal fan base that supports every step that they make. I must point down that Sabine is getting better with every single release but again she could be even better with a superior songwriting. All in all, Edenbridge has just released yet another good record.