Edenbridge – The Bonding

Constant, consistent and most of all absolutely respectable can be considered the presence of the Austrian outfit for the last 15 years. It doesn’t really matter that the sole members of the original line up remain only Sabine and Lanval…maybe, it works for the best that way.

“The Bonding” is yet another step forward for the band; Edenbridge presents once again a quite powerful material. Symphonic metal with a few progressive touches here and there and wonderful melodies. It might not be the album that will drive you into a constant headbanging…there are other bands out there serving that cause! What we are treated with here is music that will take the listener to a magical journey which will accompany the listener into some mesmerizing sonic paths. The great thing about “The Pounding” is the fact that one can discover many new things with every single listening session.

I won’t point down any specific song out of the nine that are featured on the album as I prefer to see the whole album as an opus; a complete effort. I think one can appreciate even more the songs that way.

All in all, “The Bonding” ranks among the great albums of Edenbridge’s back catalogue. Surely, it is not groundbreaking but it is definitely a perfect album for the ever demanding metal listener. I reckon that for all the above reasons, the band deserves a fair share of sales and recognition.