Eight Bells – Legacy Of Ruin


EIGHT BELLS from Portland, Oregon have just reached the crucial third album and it seems that they managed to present us their best work until now and this -most probably- will light a bit more a music genre that is usually doomed to stay underground.

“Our well runs dry / Lord hear our cry…”

The music of these americans starts from doom rock/metal but they have a strange -almost experimental- approach that manages to breathe life on a genre that many times holds back and just follows the rules of etiquette. So, they don’t mind to use psychedelic moments that get in between the heavier parts or the references to 1970s and 1980s while elsewhere they get more prog (in a post rock way) while on guitars you will hear even some black metal riffing. Having said that I have to say that you get a diverse final result that hopefully keeps its consistency through out its 47 minutes of the six compositions.

What striked my attention immediately were the vocal lines of Melynda Jackson (guitars but also the mastermind behind the band) and Matt Solis that bring the necessary balance when things get heavier (yes, they do!). Although there are the usual traditional doom compositions that always make us feel familiar with what we would expect (eg. “Torpid Dreamer”) then you have compositions that gives us that extra little joy (eg. “The Crone” that kicks off with a psychedelic tune for three minute and then bursts into a black metal aggressive delirium. Full of mood swings “Legacy Of Ruins” is an album that asks for some dedication from the listener but it wil give you back something that worth the try.