Our beloved Italian band is back; this is their seventh studio album, thank you very much! Faithful to their code and style, the six are back playing their epical and symphonic music hand in hand with Folk elements and Celtic melodies. Elvenking present a series of songs brining green lands and moors in our memory… Naturally Hard Rock hybrid is still here, powerful and all, mainly because of the voice color and those amazingly catchy choruses.

“The loser” is the first song featured in a video, for this album. Should you like this one, get ready for one of the best listening sessions, for this year at least. You will simply be thrilled, listening to that grand style. Climate is set to be rather bright, a bit Eurovision-ic… Now, what just happened? “Midnight skies, winter signs” automatically transformed into a dark forest… By the way, has anybody lighted a fire? Gather around! Enters “A song for the people”, a song featuring that hyper-classic 6/8 motif, along with flutes, violins and Netta Dahlberg’s vocals, calling all of us to pick a partner and dance. Many guests on this album such as Maurizio Cardull (Folkstone) and Teemu Mantysaari (Wintersun). Mighty Jon Oliva is also a guest here, participating in two songs.

“Forget-me-not” is a massive hit! Yep, it’s American-ish to the core, it’s a fab epilogue for a “Cold case” episode… It’s a diamond though! Fantastic voices, beautiful melody and unsurpassed style. I read the review of a friend and he was mentioning “Another great album for Elvenking”! Couldn’t agree more! Another GREat album for our neighbors, who happen to be on the road now. Should we wish for the best? Yeah, why not? After all… the best was just released!