Elysion – Bring Out Your Deadω


Good things take time, goes the expression. In this particular case it is something much more than just good and it took nine years. Elysion release their third full-length after “Silent Scream” (2009) and “Someplace Better” (2014) and listening to it is a wonderful journey that I repeat every day (literally) from the first moment I heard it.

For those who don’t know or remember the band, Elysion’s gothic metal reminds of the early days of Lacuna Coil, before they started changing their sound to hit bigger markets. Short songs with an average duration of four and a half minutes, very nice atmospheres, well-written melodies and generally music that easily sticks in your mind after a couple of listens. It is not the easiest thing to achieve this, which shows how much the Athenian band has worked on the compositions.

All of the above is reinforced by Christianna’s vocals, which confirms why she is one of the leading voices of our country. With simplicity and without resorting to exaggeration, he gives a passionate performance that perfectly colors the final result. There are no fillers or weak moments on the record and songs like the beautiful “Buried Alive”, the enchanting “As The Flower Withers” and the amazing “Raid The Universe” are strong examples of the great quality of the music here.

Elysion may not be original (how many do that anymore), but they present us with a well-crafted album that will stay in the speakers of fans of this sound for a long time. In the end, that’s what matters most. In this day and age we are flooded with new releases, the question is which ones won’t be left behind after one listen. And “Bring Out Your Dead”, in which there is an obvious evolution from their previous two works, is here to stay. They’ll never give it a rest, they will raid the universe.