Emigrate – A Million Degrees


Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe’s side project, with himself on vocals, Emigrate first came in the picture in 2007 with their self-titled record. ‘Emigrate’ was a very good album, featuring songs such as ‘My World’ and ‘Babe’; it was last output of an inspired period for the Germans, following the one-two punch of ‘Reise, Reise’ and ‘Rosenrot.’

After the disappointment that was 2014’s ‘Silent so Long’, it seems unfortunately that ‘A Million Degrees’ has equally failed in recapturing past glories. Kruspe’s trademark riffs are nowhere to be found, leaving us with a mediocre electropop hybrid, with no prevalent qualities in the songwriting department.

As with ‘Silent so Long’, the guests are left unnoticed. I was expecting ‘I’m not Afraid’ for example, featuring Ghost’s Tobias Forge on vocals, to be somewhat interesting, but to no avail.

Let’s hope that Kruspe’s and Till Lindemann’s side projects are not indicative of the musical direction taken for the new Rammstein album, which we’ll finally get to hear this year apparently.