PRESS RELEASE: It is time to reveal to you the album cover of “Where Truth May Lie”, designed by Thoth Graphics.

Our 3rd concept album is due for release on February 24th via Vinylstore in several physical formats.

“Where Truth May Lie” will also be available via all major online streaming services.

  1. Final Prayer
  2. Downfall
  3. At the Edge of Madness
  4. The Vineyard Song
  5. Serenade of Death
  6. Ever-lusting
  7. Tears of Echo
  8. Long-forgotten
  9. Deliverance
  10. Goat-legged Deceiver

11. Baptised in Fire

PRODUCED by Angelo Vafeiadis & Enemy of Reality

RECORDED & MIXED by Michael Skarakis at 133 productions.

MASTERED by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions Mastering Studio.

The story unfolds in ancient Greece, one dreadful night when a mother and daughter were lost into the flames of their worship; their praying mutters becoming their eulogy when the fire of their offering candles sealed their fate. Ashes and piles of coal was what remained of them when the tragic father returned, the Priest. How ironic to be denied all you ever loved by the same gods you worship. Manic laughs and cries escaped his mouth as he kneeled upon the ashes of all he held dear. This funeral pyre burnt out his faith.

Desperate he began to wander away from civilization, losing himself inside the forests, where all kind of creatures dwelled. Satyrs and Nymphs, Centaurs and illegitimate offspring of the gods, the outcasts of society, were excited to welcome yet another soul into their circle. Some offered spiritual healing, through alcohol and manic dance, while others insisted that he fed the needs of his body, the most hidden sexual desires. Yet, both remedies could lead to a horrible demise, should he become enslaved by them. The tale of Marsyas that defied Apollo with his musical talent and the nymph Echo that became a victim to the devouring love of Pan, woke him up from the trance. His only hope was to follow another forest whisper, a rumour about the Philosopher, an all-knowing entity hidden on the top of the mountain, long forgotten by a world desperate to relinquish the truths of the past. But not as desperate as he was to uncover them. Though restless, he must learn what lies beyond his painful existence, who weaves the fate of men and his own.