Enforced is a band that was formed in 2017 and with the release of just two albums to their credit they have managed to shake up the (thrash) metal waters completely and show that this is clearly an act that will be heard and talked about a lot in the future years. Their third record, the raging ‘War Remains’, not only proves this, but is mathematically one of the best (if not the best) records of the year. Over the course of 33 minutes the Americans unleash the sickest riffs and solos I’ve heard in years in this idiom called thrash metal. Colby’s vocals pass over you like a paver and the rhythm section is a real seminar. They create unprecedented emotions in the listener to such an extent that I wish they reach the level of the giants of the genre and beyond. Many out there can recognize how difficult it is today for a band to stand out in such a way from the rest and become established in it. There is not a single track that you get bored of and want to skip. The repeat button doesn’t stop being pressed and I am absolutely sure that if they continue like this we will see some very big things in the future. I really hope they come from our parts soon and I take for granted the creation of an artist-audience relationship that will go down in history!