All of you that are into groups that started their career after 1991 by playing a modern –in regards with what was in musical fashion at the respective era- rock or metal, should stop reading this review right now…don’t go any further! You see, Enforcer might have made their appearance in the music scene less than 10 years ago but their music has a very specific timetable; a very definite musical horizon that spreads from 1979 up to 1983. Despite the fact that this is only their third record, the Swedish outfit have managed to achieve the paradox of refreshing the heavy metal genre by playing an old school metal that is firmly rooted in Great Britain.

Don’t expect any radical differentiation in “Death By Fire” as Enforcer continue from where they stopped with their magnificent 2010 sonic effort, “Diamonds”. The Swedish possess the “no bullshit” attitude of early Saxon, the melodic twin guitar attack of Maiden and the overall aesthetic of NWOBHM. And all this enriched with a fitting, “in your face” production that brings forth those great tunes of theirs. And here’s where’s the secret of the success lies for Enforcer: the catchy and memorable compositions that bring in mind the glorious days of such albums as “Piece of Mind” and “Denim and Leather”.

Every single old-school metal fan around the world should definitely have in his collection “Death By Fire”…as for the rest, well…they’d better stick with Linkin’ Park.

Highlight: Enforcer had released various split singles in the past…one of them was with Bullet back in 2011.