Entrails – Obliteration


You don’t have to think hard to understand the deal with these guys. Their name, their logo, their cover art and the songs entitled as “Midnight Coffin”, “Abyss Of Corpses” and “Re-animation Of The Dead” lead you to easy conclusions.

Strange thing about this band? Their history. They were founded in 1990 and stayed active until 1998 with releasing a single demo. This because their mastermind, Jimmy Lundqvist, wasn’t satisfied with their demo recordings. 10 years after though, he got nostalgic and decided to record again his old songs in order to create, finally, a demo. This demo led to new members, new recordings and so they released now their 4th album.

Old-school death metal from the guys from Sweden. The have successfully graduated from the university of Entombed/Dismember. Sick guitars, sick vocals, sick atmosphere, a sound from the 90’s and this album flows…pleasantly leaving you with the urge to listen to it again and again. I don’t have to tell you more about their music. If you listen to a couple of songs you’ll get the point. Bonus track, an unexpected cover of Heavy Load’s “Dreaming”. Strictly for death metal fans, enjoy when its still…rotten!