Epica – Consign To Oblivion (expanded edition)


Ten years ago the very promising for the future, back then, Epica released their second album. Having the amazing “The Phantom Agony” under their belt in 2003, Nightwish started feeling the Duches’ hot breath in the race towards the top spot in symphonic metal (the ranking has remained the same since then….).

This album was “Consign To Oblivion”. I am not sure if it surpassed its predecessor, but it brought out a band which worked on evolving their sound in a rather demanding genre. No matter how much Epica have blossomed since then, this album is still considered to be a landmark of this kind and it is re-released on its ten-year anniversary. So, this re-release includes a second CD with extra material, with sixteen songs from the same album, from “The Score-An Epic Journey” soundtrack edition which followed around late 2005 in different orchestral versions on piano as well as other alternative orchestral arrangements and previously unreleased songs. All the songs sound quite interesting without offering a different scope in the music arrangements.

This release will be most appealing to the loyal fans of Epica. However, if somebody is missing the first release of “Consign To Oblivion”, this re-releae is a ‘must-have’ and is worth every penny. If you are buying the vinyl edition beware as this double vinyl contains only six of the bonus songs.