Epica – Omega


The third part of the metaphysical trilogy, a term used by the band itself, is already in the record stores’ stands (or rather in the e-shops …). The release of “Omega” occupied a lot both the public and the media and that was why the band had taken care of it, announcing it long ago in every possible promo aspect. Most likely, they knew that they were preparing the best album of their career, a masterpiece, a product of very careful work, experience and, of course, ability.

Epica underlines here for the third and final time that the division that prevails on the planet can only be addressed by uniting people and dealing with all these unfavorable conditions that they themselves have created. In essence, they complete the concept that started with “The Quantum Enigma” and followed by “The Holographic Principle”. Of interest is the fact that the lyrics are co-written by Simone Simons and Mark Jansen.

Musically, the album is the best I have heard from the Dutch outfit in their twenty-year career, without deviating from what we have heard from them for the last years. The difference is in the compositional standpoint, where “Omega” is really where ahead from the rest of the band’s back catalog. A flawless introduction (Alpha – Anteludium) and an amazing “Seal Of Solomon” (perhaps the best Epica song I have ever heard), “Freedom – The Wolf Within”, as well as Kingdom Of Heaven Part III which is the sequel to part I and II from “Design Your Universe” and “The Quantum Enigma” respectively. Closing the album with the same title track, divided into three parts, is nothing but the best way to end this Epica concept that has occupied us since 2014, when the Dutch introduced this concept.

It would be a mishap if we didn’t point out the reference to the excellent production of the ever-evolving Joost Van Den Broek as well as to the fact that Simone Simons absolutely shines both as a singer and as a musician…as they say: “sky is the limit”.

I truly believe that “Omega” is the finest work of the Dutch band and it is a real pity that the horrible condition that we all live in don’t allow its live presentation by the band!