Epica – The Solace System


With no time to satisfy out appetite with “The Holographic Principle”, the Dutch come back with a six song E.P., not knowing though if that is a precursor of a new album or something else.

“The Solace System” brings out all the energy that Epica keep having; never before did their music had such speed. When it comes to the song-writing, the band takes advantage of not only Mark Jansen’s inspirations and scoring capability but also Joost Van Den Broek’s to whom part of the composition and the production of “The Solace System” belongs and who is considered to be the most developing producer of this kind.

I could  give this E.P with an A+ if Simone’s voice didn’t sound a little bit flatter than she has used us so far. Seems she is trying to get rid of the role of the soprano and use the high notes of her voice. Something goes wrong here, to tell you the truth.

Nonetheless, “The Solace System” is a release that should decorate the record library of the friends of symphonic metal since the four songs are truly amazing.