Eric Bell, former Thin Lizzy’s guitarist, complained that he was never paid by Metallica after going on stage with them 20 years ago. The Irish guitarist shared the stage with the Americans to play “Whiskey In The Jar” at Dublin’s Point Theater in July 1999. According to the Irish Sun newspaper, he boarded on Metallica’s private plane and traveled all the way to Ireland with them. He waited for a fee of at least 2 thousand euros although there was no written agreement. “It was about half three in the morning,” he said. “The transport was all lined up, and there was a car to take me home. I was quietly expecting about two grand, which wouldn’t have meant a thing to them. But [a member of their crew came over to say goodbye at the private airfield and] I got handed over a big ball of METALLICA t-shirts, key rings and hats. I got paid f*** all. Then they all f***ed off. It wasn’t until I was sitting in my car on the way home I realized they hadn’t paid me. I thought I’d get something in the post but not a dickie bird. Later somebody tried to get in touch with Metallica to get me something but they found it impossible and they gave up. They are a pack of b******s,” he continued. “I couldn’t believe what they did, especially as they are so well off. I should have been paid £2,000 but got f*** all. It’s pure ignorance, really. I should have been paid £2,000 at least, but I got f*** all from them.”