Esben And The Witch – Older Terrors


Esben And The Witch from Brighton, England is a very active band. In their eight years in the scene they have very frequent releases. This album is their 4th full-length (they also have three EP’s and many singles) and maybe the most ambitious.

Their name comes from a Danish fairytale with the same name and are a power trio, consisting of Rachel Davies (vocals, bass), Thomas Fisher (guitars) and Daniel Copeman (drums, electronics), a line-up that hasn’t changed since their beginning. Their music is quite special and it requires some time in order to understand it. Hard to describe it, you will listen to post-rock melodies, heavy rock outbursts and a gothic atmosphere. Maybe the description heavy atmospheric rock that comes with the press release suits them really well. The ethereal voice of Rachel wins the impressions and a gives a unique tone in their music. The album has only four songs that last over ten minutes each, something that they try for the first time in their career. They had long songs in a previous album (“A New Nature”, 2014) but this time they take a step beyond that. The change between calm and aggressive moments is maybe the key point, because it keeps you interested while you listen to it without getting boring.

In general, “Older Terrors” need to be listened well, but in its total it has many great moments capable of getting your attention. It has been released in gatefold CD and of course in vinyl with various colors.