Europe has become in the last decade or so a “love or hate” band without an in-between state amongst fans in sight. After the reunion in 2004, the Swedish quintet has consciously chosen a different path than the one that establish them as superstars back in the 80s. This road is carefully carved in every single recording effort of their from “Start From The Dark” up to the latest “Walk The Earth” album. Personally, I belong to those who really love the current musical state of Europe because they seem more mature than ever but at the same time they show the way of how a musician should grow without becoming a caricature of him/her.

In “Walk The Earth”, Europe explore even further their 70s roots as they perfectly did in “War of Kings” and “Last Look At Eden”. This is actually their most…Deep Purple album of their discography as they are not only paying tribute in the MKIII line up of the band but they are also touching upon the classic Gillan era (especially “Fireball” and “Who Do We Think We Are”). The title track should already be considered a classic and “The Siege” “+ “Turn To Dust” are close candidates. As for the majestic “Pictures”, after a certain point you think that…Bowie will emerge with “Ground Patrol To Major Tom” (from the timeless “Space Oddity”).

Tempest’s voice, “Norum’s guitar, Michaeli’s keyboards and the Cobb’s crystal clear production are the highlights of an album that includes some really good moments albeit a couple of misfires like “Wolves”. The only certain thing is that Europe cements even deeper their reputation as a classic rock band of our time and age. Would we prefer another “Rock The Night” or another “The Final Countdown”? Of course. But the question is…would it be real and honest?

Highlight: Having said all that, “War of Kings” was definitely a better album although “Walk The Earth” is not far behind.