Europe will never stop to amaze me! As a matter of fact and in order to be precise they will never stop to create sentiments of euphoria and absolute satisfaction every time they release a brand new album. This is something unaltered since the band’s inception in the early 80s and continues in the best possible way after 2004 and Europe’s reunion. And if we take aside the –more or less- “safe” “Bag of Bones” every other album by the legendary Swedish band is nothing less than impressive and “War of Kings” is not an exception to that rule!


With a stunning cover sleeve, a crystal clear production, a brilliant Joey Tempest, a flawless John Norum who harmonically combines the sentimental with the technical side of a six-string guitar and the bombastic rhythm section of John Leven & Ian Haugland (those guys influenced each and every Scandinavian band of the past 15 or so years), Europe delivers a bunch of extraordinary tracks that step on the blues-rock legacy of the mid-70s enriched with the modern approach of Europe’s trademark sound. At moments, you are inclined to believe that you have been transported to another time and place and most specifically to…the California Jam of 1974 when Deep Purple (MK III) reigned supreme! With songs “Children of the Mind”, “Praise You” (this is how the classic Purple song “Fools” would sound in 2015) and the title song, Europe delivers once again the goods and “War of Kings” is a fitting tribute to the blues-based sound of the 70s.


“War of Kings” is the natural evolution of “Last Look At Eden” and “Bag of Bones”…it is the natural evolution of Europe; a band that is so rightfully considered a classic rock act!

Highlight: The UK/Irish tour will include Black Star Riders as the support act.