Evanescence – Synthesis


If what Amy Lee and her co-workers have to say to us after six years and a mediocre album is the one I’m holding in my hands with the title “Synthesis”, then I pass and I have no reason at all to support it.

This release is basically a collection of alternative versions of songs from the band’s three studio albums to semi acoustic versions and orchestrations and five new (sixteen in total) recorded in the same motive which are just standing. It’s nothing special.

Of course something like that is not forbidden and as a hearing “Synthesis” is satisfying. It’s a very meticulous work with Amy Lee and David Campbell responsible for the production. The versions are well played but I can’t accept it as being “the new album of Evanescence”. It could be a special release for the fans or anything else, but not what they want to present as their new album. It’s been six years since their previous album and they owed their numerous fans a more sincere release. The world needs a new album from Evanescence according to the style which the band became famous for and worthy of “Fallen” for which people loved them.

Amy is a very good singer and musician as well as an excellent performer. The truth is that for the last fifteen years she has been resting on her laurels after “Fallen” since whatever she has done ever since ( with the exception of 2-3 songs from “the Open Door” in 2006 let me remind you) are nothing more than mediocre. I don’t wish it but I’m afraid that she will pay for that very soon.