I can’t really explain why Evergrey never made a really big name, even if they deserved it. With many great albums in their back catalogue, they have something that many bands don’t (considering the amount of music in our time) and this is a personal and recognizable sound. Maybe because they were always too dark, melancholic and progressive for the average power metal fan and at the same time not so complex for the average prog metal fan.

Nonetheless, they are a band with great quality. Us fans, we love them for their excellent music and the characteristic voice of their leader Tom Englund, a voice that doesn’t seem to age at all. This article is a chance to discover this special quintet from Gothenburg while waiting for another thrilling appearance in Greece.


The Dark Discovery (1998)

Maybe not as impressive as their next releases, but still a very powerful debut album that has some great moments. I think that it is a bit forgotten in time, but listening to it will make you discover some well-hidden gems.

Top moments: Blackened Dawn, December 26th, When The River Calls


Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy (1999)

My favorite release of the band. Dark, melancholic, with tremendous melodies and excellent vocals by Tom Englund. Here are all the main ingredients that established their sound and made their fans love them so much.

Top moments: Solitude Within, The Shocking Truth, Words Mean Nothing



In Search Of Truth (2001)

And like this, the idea of concept albums came to mind for Evergrey. This one is based on the fear of alien abduction. As for the music, this is another great release from a band in the peak of their creativity.

Top moments: The Masterplan, Dark Waters, Mark Of The Triangle


Recreation Day (2003)

For many, their best album so far. Catchier than the ones before, but not in the bad way. The songs are more radio-friendly, with easy to remember refrains and melodies, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a tremendous quality throughout the album.

Top moments: As I Lie Here Bleeding, Recreation Day, Blinded

The Inner Circle (2004)

The saga continues with another great release, this time with a record that deals with a very serious issue. Religion, cults and child abuse. The music is still amazing, even if I think that the production could be a lot better.

Top moments: A Touch Of Blessing, More Than Ever, The Essence Of Conviction


Bonus: A Night To Remember (Live CD/DVD) (2005)

I don’t easily like live albums in general. But this is something entirely different. After releasing one epic record after another, this is something that can be easily described as the band’s best-of after one decade. Tremendous performance and twenty amazing songs can be found here. A must-have for every fan of them.

Monday Morning Apocalypse (2006)

Well, it was about time for them to disappoint us a little. Although it’s not a bad album, it still has weak and not interesting moments. Also, the production is quite strange and the signs of their fall begun appearing here. But it still has some memorable songs that save the day.

Top moments: Unspeakable, Obedience, In Remembrance


Torn (2008)

Εδώ μας τα χάλασαν ακόμα περισσότερο. Ένα album το οποίο δεν καταφέρνει να ικανοποιήσει, έχοντας μόνο λίγες πολύ καλές στιγμές οι οποίες θυμίζουν το μεγαλείο των Evergrey. Το υπόλοιπο ακούγεται μεν, αλλά δεν ξεχωρίζει και ξεχνιέται σχετικά εύκολα.
Ξεχωρίζουν τα: Broken Wings, In Confidence, Fail

Glorious Collision (2011)

Another mediocre release. An album that fails to satisfy, having though some great moments to remind the grandeur of Evergrey. You won’t get tired of listening to it, but it won’t stay in your mind for too long. Somehow easily forgotten.

Top moments: Broken Wings, In Confidence, Fail



Hymns For The Broken (2014)

This amazing release came out of the blue. When we didn’t know what to expect, they returned glorious showing that they are not finished at all. This album marks also the return of two skillful and talented musicians, Henrik Danhage (guitars) and Jonas Ekdahl (drums). Together, they create one of the best albums in their career, with strong doses of prog metal.

Top moments: Kings Of Errors, Black Undertow, The Grand Collapse

The Storm Within (2016)

After building a great momentum with the previous album and maybe wanting to take advantage of the hype it caused, this is a straight-forward release full of catchy songs with easy to memorize refrains. With two very special guest appearances, the chief’s ex (sadly) wife Carina Englund in an amazing duet (who was in all their albums so far) and Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever), this time their target is a larger audience. The quality is still in high levels and they show us one of the band’s many different faces.

Top moments: Passing Through, In Orbit, The Paradox Of The Flame


The Atlantic (2019)

Their latest album so far. It gathered controversial opinions, but personally speaking I found it more than interesting and travelled with it as the beautiful cover shows. Less catchy than the previous one, I think that someone must dedicate a lot of time listening to it. The trilogy of their big comeback that started five years ago is now complete and now we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next from these beloved Swedes.
Top moments: All I Have, A Secret Atlantis, Departure

George Terzakis