Evergrey – The Storm Within


Upon celebrating 20 years of existence as a band, Evergrey release the successor to ‘Hymns for the Broken’ which was deservedly met with enthusiasm in 2014, marking a comeback and a new beginning for the group.

‘The Storm Within’ seems like a very natural sequel to its predecessor. Sharp riffs, atmospheric keyboards and dramatic choruses, since of course melancholy is one the trademarks of the band. ‘Distance’ is a beautiful song and accurate first taste, ‘My Allied Ocean’ is the heaviest moment on here, while the potential single ‘In Orbit’ is highlighted by Floor Jansen’s vocals. The record ends with its two more ambitious compositions: ‘Disconnect’ and the title track.

As a whole I would say that the album will keep Evergrey in an upwards momentum. It’s a slightly more commercial effort than ‘Hymns for the Broken’ and maybe not as good, but it will surely be mentioned among the band’s quality releases in the future.

In the limited edition there is an interesting cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’, although they could have picked a less obvious song.