Every Mother’s Nightmare – Resurrect The Faithful


Do you remember Every Mother’s Nightmare? I am sure that every hard rocker out there is fully aware of the band’s impact as their first couple of records are rightfully considered absolutely essential in the genre. The fact that they were put together in the same category as many hair metal bands of the 80s did not do them justice as their music has more in common with let’s say Shotgun Messiah, Bang Tango, Love/Hate…you get the picture. So, when I learned that they were about to release a brand new album –after the really good “Grind” album that was issued in 2018- I got in touch with the record label and for a good 10 days or so, I only listened to the new EMN album!

“Resurrect The Faithful” is the title of the new album and right from the opening notes of “Getaway” right up to the next track, the first single “Breathe” you realize that this is definitely one of the best hard rock albums of 2020. Crunching guitars, inspired riffs, crystal clear production, thought-provoking lyrics, dark atmosphere and a brilliant vocal performance by Rick Ruhl lay the foundation of the new EMN record. The pure rock n’ roll aesthetic (with the scattered Alice Cooper elements in there) combined with a punk-ish in your face atmosphere define “Resurrect The Faithful” thus leaving you under the impression that you have an instant classic in your hands.

Time will tell but I am pretty sure that this is an album that will remain a “must have” in the years to come. Congratulations, guys!

Highlight: The band’s classic metal ballad “Love Can Make You Blind” has been successfully revisited/re-recorded in the new album.