Exeloume come to us from Norway. They are a band that was formed in 2007 and after 2 demos release their first album entitled “Fairytale of Preservation”.

Musically, the album is pretty “old school” American thrash but fortunately their sound is pretty modern. To be more exact, the sound of Exeloume is a nice mix of Exodus and Death. To enrich the sound more, there are some guitar parts credited to Andy LaRocque (King Diamond).

The album provides really good first elements from Exeloume. There are lots of new Thrash/Death metal bands that forget the melody part of the music. They just try to play loud, fast and technical. With Exeloume that is not the case. In “Fairytale of Preservation” we hear the band play fast and technical but also there are melodic elements that remind one of their forefathers.

Generally, “Fairytale of Preservation” can be heard really easily mainly because of the abilities of the lead guitarist Tom “Welhaven” Wahl.  Another positive is the really good production of the album. It is the first time I see two people (“Rune Stavensli”, who has worked with Bloodthorn and Dan Swano who has worked with Opeth, Dissection, Katatonia) with experience in this genre handling the production of a record. The resulting sound is really great.

Really good first impression from the Norse. If they continue with the same logic and sound, I believe that they will produce an even better album in the future.