Exit Eden Rhapsodies In Black


The thought of how to start the review of a new release always takes me much more time than to finish it. Why is that… is a whole different story.

As for Exit Eden, it took me days working it out as the case here is far more complicated. Four singers, two of which quite acknowledged with different musical backgrounds and from four different countries, unite their powers to record and release solely covers. I am tired of whining and complaining lately against the continuous release of covers especially from musicians with serious composing abilities. This growing trend of covers has become a cancer for today’s music. They take so much ground that they really prevent the new songs from being heard and promoted with dignity. Then, we are asking ourselves why there aren’t the big releases and hits of the past. Cover bands of every type are all over the place taking the bread out of the mouth of young creators with the excuse of: “I will listen to the songs I like so many years”.

Yes, Amanda Somerville, Clementine Delauney, Marina La Torraca, and Anna Brunner perform greatly “Unfaithful”, “Frozen”, “Impossible”, “Skyfall”, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”, and most of the songs that they have chosen for the “Rapsodies In Black”. They turn all these big pop hits into melodic-symphonic metal, because that is where they would find a response. So what? Why should I support this?