Fair Warning is one of the very few bands that kept –or to be more precise, tried to keep- the flag of hard rock music high in the difficult for the genre decade of the 90s. Truth must be told, the German outfit might not have been the super band or rock mega stars but their input was quite significant and they have in their ranks one of the best singers out there (Tommy Heart).
Ten years after the release of their last classic record (“Four”) and in the frame of the promotion of their latest offering (“Aura”), Fair Warning releases a triple live c.d. that depicts the band in action in front of its Japanese crowd. As a matter of fact, we are treated with two different shows –one from the band’s 2010 tour in Japan…this one is from Tokyo and one from 2009’ set in Loudpark- and the band is on fire! They chose to present a best-of package and I think that’s the most positive aspect of this live release as someone who doesn’t own a record by Fair Warning, now has an ideal chance to get a representative picture of a great hard rock group. The sound is excellent and Tommy Heart put on a splendid performance with his bandmates following at the same pace.
On the other hand, if you have the studio albums, then this release could be a good suggestion simply for the live renditions of the songs.
Highlight: There is also a DVD release with the same contents…