Fallen Arise – Adeline


The release of a band’s second album is probably its biggest bet for their development. Since the band has already released an exceptional first album the pressure mechanics begin to come in effect on matters such as the quality of the second album, the time lap that lays between, how it will successfully be promoted and many more issues. With “Ethereal” coming out two years ago and not receiving the credits it should have, Fallen Arise are impressively precise as far as their new venture is concerned.  

Having secured a contract with Rock Of Angels Records and having gained the experience from the sessions of “Ethereal”, it is rather obvious that with “Adeline” they are leveling up.

“Adeline” is a concept album and a dangerous mission for a relatively new band as Fallen Arise. The story unravels in the Victorian Era, around 1863, when Adeline is born and given a curse which condemns her to death on the day she turns eighteen. The album has put the music composition standards rather high. At the same time, we experience the high quality orchestration by Gus as well as the outstanding production which belongs to the ‘large’ Fotis Benardo, Thymios Krikos and Thanos Tzanetopoulos. The band also contributed in the production. The forty-member orchestra, which was formed from the National Orchestra Of Athens, NERIT’s Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra Of Piraeus, sounds splendid when it musically enhances these excellent compositions such as “My Last Breath” and “White Crystal Angel” which could easily belong to one of the acknowledged bands of the specific genre. Spyla seems to have matured quite a bit since “Ethereal”. She sings accompanied by Chris who has proven to be as worthy as his predecessors on male vocals and the same can be said about Aggelos Mal on bass. With “Adeline”, the Athenians have increased the quality and let me remind you that they are a band whose strongest card is the live performances.

Fallen Arise have won the bet. The work and professional consistency they have demonstrated so far, are the key elements that enable them to step on sturdy grounds and grab the opportunity to shine.