Fallen Arise published the following announcement about their new singer:

we would like to announce that Spyla is no longer with us, she decided to follow other activities and we wish her all the best!

Our new singer is Fiona Creaby from the U.K., singer also of Apparition.

Fallen Arise now is:

Fiona Creaby – vocals

Gus – keyboards

Rudy R. Rallis – bass

Frangiskos K. – guitar

Thanos – drums

Vlassis K. – male vocals

Fiona, will begin with the band, touring in our South-Eastern European tour in October. The dates will be announced very soon.

Cause some personal reasons, the band’s line up on this tour, will be the following:

Fiona Creaby – vocals

Gus – Keyboards

Rudy R. Rallis – bass

Cheis Vaelor Chaldaios – guitar

Marios K. – drums

Vlassis K. – male vocals