Fallen Arise

The British lead singer-Fiona Creaby- of the multinational and mainly Greek symphonic metallers Fallen Arise,in a one-to-one interview with Martha Giannakidou,”travels” from  Great Britain to Rockpages TV. An amazingly out of the ordinary interview talking about the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, dreams and migratory bird “songs” that are  travelling all over the world … as well as the changes and innovation in the music industry nowadays. Fiona also spoke to us about her perspective of life, commenting that the most interesting and exciting things can happen in random moments in life and how beautiful is to keep your memories in a frame. The interview concluded with her perception looking through a “music keyhole” you may find undiscovered worlds which according to Blaudlaire may derive from indescribable feelings.

Read Rockpages’ review for Fallen Arise (in English):https://www.rockpages.gr/fallen-arise-engima/?lang=en 

Interview by Martha Giannakidou

Creation/Review/Editing/Post Production: Nikos Kolitsis & Martha Giannakidou