Famous Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape becomes a series


The famous sex video of Motley Crüe drummer and the actress who became widely known with her participation in “Baywatch”, Pamela Anderson, will become a mini-series, according to Deadline.

Pamela Anderson will be played by Lily James and Tommy Lee by Sebastian Stan. Seth Rogen will also appear in the role of the guy who stole the tape.

The series will focus on the couple’s stormy relationship in the ‘90s, the leak of the videotape they shot during their honeymoon and the court battle that followed its release.

Filming for the eight episodes of the series will begin in the spring of 2021.

To remind the older ones and to educate the younger ones, the famous sex tape that the couple made in a carefree moment in 1998 was stolen by an electrician from their house and uploaded on the internet.

Pamela Anderson sued the company that released it, but was eventually settled and the film continued to be available online. In fact, within just 12 months of its “release”, it is estimated that the video had a turnover of 77 million dollars.