Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera has checked in via Facebook with the following message:
“Just a quick heads up with something regarding the upcoming Fates Warning tour. Over a year ago I had committed to playing a gig with Armored Saint in Athens, Greece this March 15th. I wish to honor that commitment but that means that I’ll sadly have to miss a couple of gigs with Fates in order to do it. So I will be not playing on the Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee shows (some of my favorite cities by the way!).
Luckily for us, and you, my brother and OG Fates Warning bassist Joe DiBiase will be stepping up once again for these three gigs. So this will be amazing! I will resume in Minneapolis with Fates. I am currently practicing over 37 songs for the upcoming gigs with Motor Sister, Armored Saint and Fates Warning. My head is spinning out. But, not to pity me. This is the bed I’ve made for myself this time. I’m very sorry I’ll be missing these three gigs but I know you’ll be in good hands. i look forward to seeing all of you out there very soon!”